RRaghavendra Saatvik
A professional Numerologist, Maha Vastu Consultant and an NLP Life Coach with 2 decades of corporate work experience in the field of Pharmaceuticals, Banking and Corporate training. He has written and published 9 books on various subjects such as Numerology, Maha Vastu shastra, NLP, Law of attraction, Wrist Watch therapy, Brahma muhurta and Rudraksha.
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Prof. Punit Sharma
Puneet Sharma was born on March 15, 1983, in Hyderabad, Telangana, and currently resides in Jalgaon, Maharashtra. He holds an M.Com, dual MBA, and a Postgraduate degree in Psychology and is a Ph.D. researcher. He is the chief advisor and leading astrologer at Shreeniti Jyotish.
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Dr. Amar Aggarwal
Dr. Amar Aggarwal transitioned from a career in pharmaceuticals, encompassing retail, wholesale, and manufacturing of drugs, to astrology, which he believes was his destiny. After embarking on his astrological journey in 1998 and starting to teach, he joined the All India Federation of Astrologers' Society (AIFAS) in 2001 and later became the Governor for Haryana and Chandigarh. He has contributed around fifty research articles to a prestigious magazine and holds unorthodox views, particularly regarding Rahu, which he believes is not bad in most cases. The author also admires Lal-Kitab for its spiritual reformation of individuals.
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K Guru Rajesh
A doctorate holder in Geology by qualification, Dr. Rajesh is also an accomplished artist and trained musician in Carnatic classical music. His other interests include classical poetry in Telugu and Sanskrit.
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Payal Arora
Enter the world of Payal Arora, a writer whose books echo with the resonance of social causes. Beyond the written word, shes a cultural enthusiast and a guiding light in the classroom, shaping not just minds but hearts passionate about positive change.
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Amit Sharma
Welcome to the realm of Amit Sharma, where the essence of Indian philosophy unfolds in every book. Through his profound storytelling, he brings alive the timeless wisdom of ancient texts, offering readers a journey into the depths of spirituality and human understanding. Dive into his books to explore the rich tapestry of Indian philosophical traditions, beautifully woven into narratives that resonate across time and space.
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Kunal Joshi
Diving into the world of fiction, this computer engineer-turned-author paints poetic landscapes with a pen dipped in introverted introspection. Crafting stories that whisper the beauty of solitude and imagination, each tale is a tranquil sanctuary for readers seeking to escape into a world woven from the fusion of technical precision and poetic depth.
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Tushar Gupta
In the heart of Mumbai resides an author whose engineering background serves as a springboard for creative rebellion. Through the pages of 'The Rebellion', this explorer captures the essence of worldly experiences. Fuelled by a love for travel, photography, and short filmmaking, this author's narrative is a vibrant mosaic, woven with threads of diverse cultures and unyielding curiosity. Welcome to a world where every page mirrors the author's daring spirit and boundless passion for storytelling
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Jay Yadav
Jay is an Indian author, astrologer, and Vedic scholar. He has spent more than a decade in reading various astrology classics, writing many articles on Vedic astrology, and giving astrological consultation.
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NC Jain
This versatile author's insights transcend genres, leaving an indelible mark on readers. Their legacy is a tapestry of enlightenment, woven from the threads of wisdom and success.
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